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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quick review of: Candor

Hey, sorry I haven't been posting as I usually do. I've been having computer problems and was too lazy to write up a blog post at the library. My apologies! I hope I'll be putting more reviews up soon. In the mean time here's my review of Candor from my Goodreads:

CandorCandor by Pam Bachorz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is like "Stepford Wives" meets YA fiction.

Ok. This book starts off very well I from then on I only expected it to get better as the story unraveled. The ending was great as well (I really really like the way the author took the story). It's just the middle that didn't seal the deal. I felt like the love story was a bit... rushed? I seriously thought that my copy was a "cut" version and that I was missing around 100 pages of a love story building. I just thought that Oscar and Nia were one minute looking at each other and the next they were in love. I was going to give this 3/5 stars first but I thought about it and I think it does deserve a 4/5. Here's why: I would recommend this book to my friends even though the middle was a bit disappointing. It's because the ending of the story really made me think and that's what I like. I finishing a book and still be thinking about it. I would say pick this book up and give it a read... it's only 275 pages and you should get through it pretty quick. :)

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