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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Moon And The Tide (Marina's Tales #2)

The Moon and The Tide
by Derrolyn Anderson 
Pages: 328
Released: March 28, 2011
The Moon and The Tide by Derrolyn Anderson 
Note: This is the 2nd book in the Marina's Tales series. If you didn't read the 1st one, this review will contain spoilers from the 1st book.
Things are just settling down and Marina is truly enjoying life again. She is able to return the company of her friends and family and the ocean. So far, things are going great... or so she thinks. Marina begins having some disconcerting visions letting her know the future is at stake. One thing leads to another and Marina finds herself caught in a situation that would expose her secret. She discovers hidden secrets along the way and must overcome betrayal, jealousy, and any other distractions that might render her from saving the ones she loves. Will she be able to stay strong and fight or will Marina back down from it all?

My Thoughts: Geezus. This is really different from the first book. The first book was like a setup and introduction to Marina's environment while The Moon and The Tide really spices things up with unexpected twists and turns. There is a ton of action and mystery packed into this book and I could not put it down. I became so involved with the characters and plot and it had me at the edge of my seat.

The book started off with a fun, relaxing vibe and I was just expecting to read about Marina's relationship, the town, surfing, etc. I was in no way prepared for the chaos that ensued as the book progressed. So many things were going on and I felt bad for the characters and what they had to go through.

In the first book, we were introduced to the characters and learn a bit about them. The Moon and The Tide does a great job giving us more info about the characters and their relationships with one another. We get to learn more about Marina, Ethan, Lorlei, Evie, etc. and I love how we get a better taste of the characters. I especially liked Marina's character development in the story and how she such was a strong female protagonist. Her relationship with Ethan defiantly intensified, although I did think they were moving a bit too fast, but then I realized they been through a lot together. Also, I thought the "bad guys" were well written--they were truly evil and I loved to hate them.

The writing style is awesome as usual. Anderson does a great job with the descriptions (they're vivid and detailed, but not to the point where she's describing the threads on a pillow).

I remember reading the first book and wanting more answers... well, the second book delivers. The secrets that are uncovered are shocking and the mermaid lore in this book is creative and interesting to learn about.

Overall, the story played out very well and I the ending is perfect, it's not too abrupt and you'll be excited to read the sequel when it comes out. It is very intense and a rollercoaster ride. If you liked the first one, you'll definitely enjoy the second one (maybe even more). Sorry this review is a bit long--there is just so much that happens within this book. :)

P.S. I received this book from the author and my review is not biased. Please trust me when I say that I honestly loved this book... a lot and I'm hoping that this has persuaded you to check the book out and give it a read. :) I'm emphasizing this because I would not want to recommend a book to you that I did not enjoy.

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5/5 stars

Source: Received from Author, Derroyln Anderson.

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