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Monday, May 30, 2011

Between The Land and The Sea (Marina's Tales #1)

Between The Land and The Sea
by Derrolyn Anderson
Pages: 261
Released: March 19, 2011
Between The Land and The Sea by Derrolyn Anderson
Summary: Mermaids. Surfing. Romance. Danger. All wrapped up into one exciting YA series. Sixteen-year-old Marina has been traveling the world with her father her entire life, but when he is stationed to work in Afghanistan for a year he leaves her at her Aunt's house. He hopes she will finally be able to live a normal life and have the teenage/high school experience. She feels at home right off the bat and even meets a good-looking surfer named Ethan. Marina is just settling in when strange things begin to happen to her--she meets a mermaid who looks all too familiar and Marina cannot stay away from the sea. She discovers secrets pertaining to her past and encounters some life threatening situations.

My Thoughts:
I have not read many stories about Mermaids and this one really had me hooked. It was refreshing to read a new concept on mermaids and Anderson's take on it. This is one of those fast paced books since you're so caught up between the characters, mystery, and plot.

Lets start with the characters: I loved the characters that Anderson creates, they are realistic and funny. I liked how Marina was really just a sixteen-year-old girl; she was strong, but also needed to ask for help from her friends and family and that made it genuine for me. The side characters are great, I loved the relationship she had with her cousin Cruz and Megan and I would want them as friends. Of course we have Ethan, the love interest in the story and I liked how their relationship played out. They didn't rush into it and there was some tension lingering between the them. Anderson does a great job writing the characters because I empathized with them and was rooting for them throughout.

Now onto the writing: The writing style was fantastic and it kept the story going; there was not a dull moment and there was always something there to peak my interest. The story is told in first person (by Marina) and we get a sense of her emotions and how she personally deals with the conflicts in the book. Another thing that I enjoyed was dialogue--I found myself lost in their conversations at times.

I would say this story is a fun summer-read-type book and I would recommend it to those who are into YA romance books (with a bit of supernatural element added in). There are not many YA mermaid books that I know of and after reading this, I want to pick up some more. Anderson's take on the mermaid mythology was unique and I definitely want to learn more about the mermaids in this book and I hope that she elaborates more as the series progresses. I enjoyed this book and I am already on the next one in the series: The Moon and The Tide.Check this book out!

P.S. I received this book from the author and my review is not biased. Please trust me when I say that I honestly loved this book... a lot and I'm hoping that this has persuaded you to check the book out and give it a read. :) I'm emphasizing this because I would not want to recommend a book to you that I did not enjoy.
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5/5 stars

Source: Received from Author, Derroyln Anderson.

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  1. i, too, loved this book. thoroughly enjoyed reading your review!


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