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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

John Green's new book!!

John Green posted a live YouTube chat today in which he announces the title for his new book: The Fault in Our Stars. Here's the link to his video.

A mock cover of the book made by:
To summarize:
  • He discusses the book title
  • He talks about the runner up book title
  • You should pre-order the book (he will sign all pre-ordered books)
  • It will be released May 1, 2012  January 10, 2012 (thanks to awesome nerdfighteria)
  • John answers some nerdfighter questions
  • John reads us the first chapter :) (the video reading begins at 0:37:58)
I think you guys should order this book and here is why...
(1) It's $9.89 now (on Amazon)
(2) John Green will sign ALL the pre-ordered books.

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