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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

by Kody Keplinger
Pages: 288
Released: Sept. 7, 2010
Summary: One night, seventeen-year-old Bianca Piper is at a club with her two friends, Jessica and Casey. J. & C. are drop dead gorgeous dancing their hearts out while Bianca is sitting at the bar drinking her Cherry Coke. Along comes Wesley Rush, the charming "man-slut." He starts up a conversation with her and tells her straight-on that she's "the DUFF." What is the DUFF you say? It's the designated ugly fat friend. Bianca reacts by dumping her Coke on Wesley and storms out of the club. Wesley is the least of her problems though, at home she is faced with family drama and ex-boyfriend problems. In order to escape, Bianca creates a "no strings attached" relationship with Welsey--a completely physical, no drama ordeal. It isn't until we learn more about Wesley and how bad his life is as well. See as Bianca and Wesley open up with one another as they deal with their issues.
My Thoughts: This was a quick read and the premise was refreshing.

What I liked: I thought that the plot of this book was great, it kept me turning the pages and there wasn't a dull moment. The character development in this book is very good, we get to see how Bianca and Wesley change one another and where their road leads. Another thing I enjoyed was the concept of the DUFF--what it really means to be a DUFF and how we all have our insecurities, etc. Bianca's character was great, I liked her snarky remarks, wittiness, and the humor that was place throughout the book.

What I disliked: I thought the writing was pretty genuine to a teen, but there were some parts which threw me off. Such as the "BTW" "WTF" text chat that was used in some conversations and although the swearing was alright, there were some parts I felt like they were a bit out of place or too much.  

Conclusion: I found this book enjoyable and interesting and I liked seeing the relationship between Bianca and her Dad, Bianca and her friends, and Bianca and Wesley.

4/5 stars

Source: Library. 


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