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Friday, July 29, 2011

Update on the Blog & Other Things

First off, I apologize for the lag time in July. When I got back from vacation, I was super lazy and didn't feel like doing any updates, reviews, etc. Now I'm back and ready to start posting some more.

You've probably noticed that I've changed my layout and moved things around. I thought the old layout looked a bit "default" (if that makes sense) so I found this one that I really like. I hope you find it easy to navigate and that you like it as well.
Next I must say thanks a BUNCH to my YouTube subscribers! I didn't think that I would even surpass 10, but I received a lot of new subscribers after I got back from vacation. Thank you, thank you! I haven't been consistent with my video reviews. I tried recording videos, but they weren't interesting to be so I didn't post them up. I'm also unsure as to how to make my videos e.g. length of video, how long the summary should be, and what people look for. If you have any suggestions please let me know :D

I hope you're all doing well and that your summer is going well. Thanks so much for even viewing my site and if you have any comments/feedback/book info/etc on this post, please comment.

I adore your comments :) it lets me know that someone views this blog XD I'll be sure to comment back!

Currently Reading:
Tower of Parlen Min by Max Xell
Blood Red Road by Moria Young 

Yes, this snorlax represents my lazy self x-x

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