Booksaur: Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles (Perfect Chemistry #2)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles (Perfect Chemistry #2)

Rules of Attraction
by Simone Elkeles
Pages: 324
Released: April 27, 2010
Rules of Attraction
Summary: Now it's Carlos Fuente's turn. Carlos has been living in Mexico with his mother, but she sends him back to America in hopes that he will stay out of trouble. He moves in with his older brother Alex and begins high school in Colorado. Carlos used to worship his brother Alex, but now that Alex has left the Latino Blood and is dating Brittany, he's not too fond of living with his brother anymore. It's until Carlos meets Kiara that his life gets a bit more interesting...

My Thoughts:
This is a really steamy novel. I would say it's for older teens maybe 16+.

What I liked: I like how similar yet different this book is from Perfect Chemistry. The chapters alternate between Carlos and Kiara and we get to see exactly what they're thinking and how they feel. I like the characters that Elkeles creates--they're not perfect and they've endured quite a lot. The character development is very well written and we get to see how Carlos and Kiara change one another. This book was fun, entertaining, and you're rooting for the two characters until the end.

What I disliked
: I would say there are maybe two or three pretty cheesy parts that could have been edited out in the dialogue), but other than that I think it's great.

Conclusion: If you liked Perfect Chemistry, you'll enjoy this. I enjoyed the series so far and I'm looking forward to read more of Simone Elkeles's books.

5/5 stars

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