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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Heist Society by Ally Carter

Heist Society
by Ally Carter
Pages: 287
Released: February 9, 2010
Heist Society
Summary: Katarina Bishop and her family have a long history of jobs and cons. They have stolen numerous priceless pieces of art and could disguise and blend in with the crowd if they chose. Kat wanted to leave this life behind her and pulled one last con--which landed her in a prestigious school. During her time at the school, she is accused for totaling the headmaster's car and kicked out of the school. She then is given a task that only she can do in order to save her father (who was unfortunately accused for stealing five paintings). With the help of her friends, they plan on clearing her father's name.

My Thoughts: Nice fun read :)

What I liked: I think that this is a fun take on oceans 11 or any other spy/con movie. It brought me back to the days of watching Spy Kids and I ultimately fell in like with the characters and plot. I thought they there clever kids and to see how they used their innocent youth appearance to get out of situations. I also liked the writing style of Carter, e.g. she would start describing each chapter as though we are just regular people watching the group of kids perform their cons. I can't really explain it that well, but you'll understand it once you read the book. There is also some great romantic tension between the characters as well which you know YA literature has to have.

What I disliked: I felt that this book was too short! I would I could have settled for at least another hundred pages to find out more about the kids because they did many other previous jobs together and I would have perhaps liked a flashback of one of those jobs.

Conclusion: I am awaiting the next book in the Heist series and seeing how they pick from from where the left off. Pick up this book if you're looking for a fun & quick read.

4/5 stars

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