Booksaur: Gone by Michael Grant (Gone #1)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gone by Michael Grant (Gone #1)

by Michael Grant
Pages: 558
Released: July 1, 2008

Summary: Imagine this. You're sitting in class one day and your teacher is giving a lecture. Poof. He's gone. You look around and so do your former classmates, are you dreaming? This is literally what happens to the kids in this book. Everyone over the age of fourteen disappears and no one knows what happened. There are bullies that rule the FAYZ and fights are taking place. We get to find out the good and evil within the kids and how far they are willing to go for power. This supernatural book has twists and events that you will not be expecting.

My Thoughts: Holy crap. Wow.

What I liked: This book has a Lord of the Flies + X-men vibe to it and I love Grant's writing. The plot is amazing and I love what Grant does with the story and even how he ends it (even though I disliked it at first). The story works together very well and every time I questioned a possible plot hole, Grant filled it in. There are so many characters in this book, but it makes it refreshing and you want to find out what happens to each and every single one of them. Finding out the kids have powers is also a fun twist to the story and it. This was such a page turner for me and I could not put the book down--except I did when it was getting so action packed, I need to take a breather and then continue on. I swear my mouth was gaping open at all the surprises and I was shocked to see how mad these kids are! They are borderline psycho and the bad guys were really bad. I like how Grant didn't shy away from killings or any gory details (not that there was much). The ending was when I was really into the book. I was literally shouting at Sam saying "why?!?!" But it had to happen in order for Grant to continue his series.

What I disliked: I felt that Sam was a bit too naive in a few parts of the novel, he was too good. I wanted to him to do something bad for once. I would have wanted more background on Caine, but I am guessing that it will be in the other books in the series (there will be 6 books I believe).

Conclusion: Oh boy. I can't wait. For. Hunger. Please pick this book up. It is such a fun read and keeps you at the edge of your seat. I am in love with this series already and cannot wait to continue reading.

5/5 stars

Source: Library. 

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