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Friday, December 23, 2011

Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

Imaginary Girls
by Nova Ren Suma
Pages: 348
Released: June 14, 2011
Imaginary Girls
Summary: Chloe and her sister Ruby are extremely close. One summer they are at a party at a reservoir and Chloe is swimming around. She moves around and feels someone's fingers and realizes that it's a dead body. This experience traumatizes her and she goes to live with  her father. Two years later Ruby shows up unexpected and persuades Chloe to move back in with her. When Chloe returns she finds strange things happening--things that she cannot even begin to explain. And now she has to find out the secret that Ruby has been hiding from her all these years.

My Thoughts: What did I just read?!?!

What I liked: The book's promise of a very strange story and the sibling bond between Chloe and Ruby. The amazing cover art.

What I disliked: The best way that I can explain this book is by referencing "Fight Club" (I won't' spoil the movie of course!) Okay so Fight Club has this insane plot with a huge twist and then we are given an explanation that totally sums up the story and makes you think "oh, it all makes sense now." Well with Imaginary Girls, it has this eerie plot and twist and all of a sudden the book never explains anything--it ends!? Chloe had a very unhealthy obsession with Ruby and everything was "Ruby this" "Ruby that." I honestly got mad reading this because I kept putting it down and asking when the author was going to start answering questions instead of leading us in this huge circle.

Conclusion: I wouldn't say that I recommend this book for those who have similar tastes in books like me. But On the other hand there are some positive reviews for this book too. So check it out, but we warned, you'll still be confused when the book ends.

2.5/5 star

Source: Library.

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