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Friday, August 26, 2011

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

Shut Out
by Kody Keplinger
Pages: 273
Released: Sept. 5, 2011
Shut Out 
Summary: Lissa goes to a school where instead of having rivalries with other school teams, they have it with their own. So at Hamilton High, it's an ongoing prank war--the football players against the soccer players. Her boyfriend, Randy, is the quarterback and is always engaging in some sort of prank and she is sick of him ditching her for it. Lissa comes up with a plan to end the rivalry, a hookup strike and she gets the girlfriends of the athletes to help her out. Basically, the boys will not get any 'action' from their girlfriends until they end the rivalry. Things don't go according to plan and now the girls find themselves up against the guys. Will either sides ever make amends or has this strike gone too far? 

My Thoughts: This book is a light read, there isn't much meaning or lessons to be learned but that's the point of it! Both Keplinger's books have a refreshing plot (yay).

What I liked: The premise was pretty interesting and the inspiration of this plot came from a play called Lysistrata in which the women went on a similar strike against their husbands. This book brings up the topic of sex which isn't discussed much in YA books and especially not many from a girl's perspective. So, I thought it was interesting to see where the novel went and it somewhat in a way challenged the boundaries of YA. It's a short, light read so I was entertained throughout.

What I disliked: Reading the book I could see some immaturity in the characters, it didn't bug me too much but I thought that they could have been more mature since they did deal with sex. Also, the love triangle in the book isn't very strong because you know who she is going to end up with. One guy makes her swoon whenever she's around him while the other is just there... he isn't given any redeeming qualities and isn't there most of the time.

Conclusion: Overall, I thought it was a good book if you're looking for a light read. I didn't love it like The Duff, but I'd say pick it up if you're looking for some more Kody Keplinger.

3.5/5 stars (note: was going to give it a 4, but The Duff was a 4/5) 

Source: The bookstore I went to put it out early... lol.


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