Booksaur: Hunger by Michael Grant (Gone #2)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hunger by Michael Grant (Gone #2)

by Michael Grant
Pages: 590
Released: May 26, 2009
Summary: Bam! Three months have passed since all the adults were gone and everyone under the age of fifteen are still trapped in the FAYZ. Food is becoming scarce and people are hungry. More kids are discovering their supernatural abilities while others are still powerless. Everything becomes chaotic and now it's the humans against the freak mutants. There's more, a creature called The Darkness lurks deep underground and is reaching out to some kids in the FAYZ. The Darkness has awakened. And it is hungry.

My Thoughts: Couldn't put this book down! I devoured all 590 pages in a day? Ah :)

What I liked: I was blown away. Hunger had my heart racing, left me speechless, and kept me wanting more. There's not a dull moment and there were like 5 different things going on at once and he didn't leave us any breathing room, I loved it! Just when I thought something was over and done with, Grant threw in another situation. Hot dayum I really enjoyed this book and commend Grant on writing such a great sequel to Gone. The whole humans vs. freaks had me at the edge of my seat. Man, those kids were deadly to be around... literally. Then we have The Darkness, it's seriously creepy and Grant does an amazing job with the creature. Lastly, I loved seeing the kids' power develop--it's like watching an X-Men where we are introduced to each characters' powers--it was very entertaining and had a 'cool-factor' to it. And the ending leaves you very curious for Lies (Gone #3).

What I disliked: The series contains a lot of characters. I wasn't confused in Gone, but there was a tiny bit of confusion with some side characters, but it only happened maybe 4 times at most.

Conclusion: These poor kids. What will Michael Grant throw them into next? Just kidding, I can't wait to see where he goes with this series.

5/5 stars

Source: Library.

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  1. I really like Michael Grant. I couldn't get into the first book. Maybe i'll give it another go. nice review!

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