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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blood Red Road by Moira Young (Dustlands #1)

Blood Red Road
by Moira Young
Pages: 459
Released: June 7, 2011
Blood Red Road
Summary: Saba has spent her entire life in Silverlake, a deserted wasteland, with her twin brother Lugh, her younger sister Emmi, and their Pa. She has never been outside of Silverlake and it's all she knows. Things change when a group of horsemen appear, capture her brother, and kill her father in the process. Before Lugh is taken away, Saba promises him that she will find him. Along her quest she runs into grave danger and she must fight to survive.

My Thoughts: Omigawd. This is the best book I've read all year. I am not kidding neither am I exaggerating. I devoured it. I'm going on a whim here but I think this is the next Hunger Games series (for me at least).

What I liked: This is a dystopian novel, but don't be fooled, it's not like the others, Blood Red Road stands out among the rest. It takes place in the future, but it isn't all technological, yet it works so well for the book. The setting is very unique, the land is barren, dry, dusty, etc. and it really gives the novel its character.

Another thing that stands out is the writing style. Many may be put off at first (I sure was) because it's so minimal e.g. the author uses 'fer' (for), 'cain't' (can't), 'hafta' (have to) but I found myself getting used to it around page 20 and guarantee you will too and I realized that I wouldn't want the novel written any other way.

I loved love Saba, she was stubborn, strong, determined, and she had a bit of Katniss Everdeen in her. She was so committed on finding her brother and didn't let anything get in her way. The character development in this book is impeccable. It's not just Saba who develops but everyone around her as well and I liked how the characters shared the spotlight. There is also some romance in the book which I thought was going to change the book's direction, but it only made it more awesome. The pacing is great, there is not a dull moment because there is always something going on and the action does not disappoint.

The ending is just... wow. (No spoilers of course!) When I thought the book couldn't get any better, it did. Within those last few lines, the author ended the book on the perfect note. Thank you Moria!

What I disliked: Honestly, nothing. Please just come out already book #2!

Conclusion: This book made me fall in love with YA all over again. There were moments while reading this that I was contemplating if I liked this more than the Hunger Games series. My answer... maybe ;). I don't usually do this but you need to pick this book up now on Amazon. It's ~$10 on Amazon or check it out at your library/bookstore.

5/5 stars

Source: Library. 

Blood Red Road MOVIE!!
Yes, the movie rights for this book has been sold to Director Ridley Scott. There is also an IMDB page for it already but there's not anything on it yet. The movie is expected to come out in 2014. -____- I'll be counting down! Any ideas for who you guys want as the actors/actresses?


  1. I loved this book too! Glad you like that. You haven't read HP yet? OMG! How are you liking it so far? I followed you via GFC!

  2. @anaavu Ahaha I seriously haven't! I'm only on page 50 of "Sorcerer's Stone" and it's really entertaining so far and quite funny!

    Yes! I'm glad you loved Blood Red Road too. I didn't have anyone I could talk to about it so I went a bit overboard on my review and had to shorten it a bit lol.

  3. Yes! I have been looking forward to this book and now I'm glad that it was given such a high review!

    Thank you.

  4. @ Marybeth P.
    Yay! I hope you like it as well :) and I would love to know what you thought of it once you finish it :D

  5. omg when is the second book coming out?! it feels like i have been waiting FOREVER. if you know when it is coming out please tell! :D
    and.. wait.. theres a movie coming out? i doubt it :/

  6. all i want now is a Jack in my life :) <3

  7. @Anonymous

    Yes! I love Jack :DD

    And YES! I do believe that they have sold the movie rights for Blood Red Road according to IMDB (link):

    And "Rebel Heart" (Book 2 in the Dust Lands series) currently does NOT have a release date listed but I would check the goodreads link every once in a while (link):

    BUT according to Amazon UK Rebel Heart is coming out AUGUST 2, 2012 (link):

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments ^^

    -Sarah (Booksaur)

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